Cholly and Flytrap, Center City review

cholly and flytrap

“Beautiful and disturbing. A comic masterpiece!” – ARCHIE GOODWIN , EDITOR, DC COMICS

“Beautiful, yet ballsy, wonky, hysterically offbeat, simultaneously illustrative and flat out, solidly constructed and unified in the service of a wonderfully wild story.” -BILL SEINKIEWICZ , ARTIST AUTHOR

“Crazy gorgeous. Some of the wildest storytelling, beautifully illustrated.” – ALEX ROSS, WRITER, ARTIST

“I consider Suydam one of the greatest artists of our time” – KEVIN EASTMAN , HEAVY METAL ENTERTAINMENT

“I am struck by its provocative classic yet anarchistic, lush illustration in service of a crazed narrative. Cholly & Flytrap give a big middle finger to conventional storytelling – and have a gleeful time doing it.” – BRIAN PULIDO, WRITER, FILM DIRECTOR, MISCHIEFMAKERS STUDIOS, LLC

“Arthur Suydam is equally comfortable composing outrageous stories as he is orchestrating breathtaking visuals. A uniquely gifted American talent.” – JOE ORLANDO, EDITOR-IN CHIEF, MAD MAGAZINE

“From acclaimed writer and artist Arthur Suydam ( MARVEL ZOMBIES) comes the definitive tale of comic’s ultimate odd couple anti-heroes. Arthur Suydam injects a few cc’s of Clint Eastwood into a twisted Calvin, teams him up with a mute and stunted Hobbs, tosses them into the competing family scenario of Fist Full of Dollars ( Nee, Yojimbo, Red Harvest), while summoning up the spirit of Arthur Rackham and Vaughn Bode ( among others) for advice and inspiration . Always one to ignore sane advice, Suydam sends CHOLLY & FLYTRAP careening down a plot with more switchbacks, more murder and mayhem, than his appointed muses could possible imagine.

Sin City-style frantic pacing, grim tension, intrigue and edgy humor abound in this creative masterpiece. Set in a wacked-out world, Center City remains the belly-button lint of surviving society, a final human outpost oozing crime and racial tension between man and machine. Against this backdrop, comicdom’s most unique anti-heroes, Cholly and Flytrap, find themselves knee-deep in a mucky feud between the city’s two power brokers: the Siamese-twin Hobbs Brothers and paranoid paraplegic millionaire Ameil Luvitz. When sumo-master Flytrap is mistakenly shanghaied and forced into slavery in a secret fight world, his partner Cholly’s odyssey to rescue him from certain doom begins. A groundbreaking and compelling epic told by the ultimate storyteller!”

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Cholly & Flytrap, Center City review